Ask The Storybots - Angry Annie's Car (Lookdev) (2019)
Christopher barischoff aacartest

I created this breakdown of the car asset. Shot animation was done by Giovanni DeMartinis, shot lighting was done by Sarah Yoo. Texturing and Lookdev was me.

Christopher barischoff aacar

The car was designed to fit into our Stopmotion world, and includes a mixture of stopmotion and CG characters riding inside of it.

Christopher barischoff 00000 aacar stepmodel

The car was modeled by Kendall Nelson, and then passed off to me for UVs, Texturing, and Shading.

Christopher barischoff 2106 2018 0441287206095804458

These references were created for me by Siqi Song in the fabrication department. The idea is that this car needs to look stopmotion, because our world for this episode is all stop motion and miniatures.

Christopher barischoff 2106 2018 0444287208313931658

Thankfully I was given lots of material reference

Christopher barischoff 2106 2018 0442287206881914068

I worked with the Stopmotion and Fabrication departments to come up with a technique to marry the CG and practical elements. This included having some assets be practical, and others full CG, and then layering them all together in comp.

Christopher barischoff 00002 aacar step

I started with a base layer that looked like the spray-painted paper of the practical reference...

Christopher barischoff 00003 aacar step

Then I layered on "painted" rust..

Christopher barischoff 00004 aacar step


Christopher barischoff 00005 aacar step

and even more dirt. The challenge was that I had to make something that not only looked real, but it had to look "fabricated".

Christopher barischoff aacar2

I think the results came out very well!

Christopher barischoff 00010 substance

This was my Substance Designer node tree for this asset.

This was the first lit test I did of the car driving around with the stopmo background plates. The car was animated by Giovanni DeMartinis, and the Stopmotion was by Colin Leper and Aron Bothman.

Christopher barischoff aacartest
Christopher barischoff ats 3 recycle chase

Here is the full-CG car...
(shot lighting and comp by Sarah Yoo)

Christopher barischoff ats 3 recycle chase2

and here it's layered with practical elements. Can you guess what is CG and what is practical?
(shot lighting and comp by Sarah Yoo)

I did the lookdev for this "stop-motion" car that our Storybots are traveling in.

Sarah Yoo did a majority of the shot lighting and comp for this asset. Check her work out here:

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