The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Power (2019)

Just a personal piece. I took a jumble of assets, and did all of the Layout, Camera, Shading, Lighting, Comp, Color (and a bit of modeling and texturing).

What would The Legend of Zelda look like as a new animated series? ("well excuuuuuse me princess") With new streaming services opening up doors to a new renaissance of animation, it's fun to imagine the types of properties that could get their own streaming TV series.

I put this together in several hours over a few days. For the game res character, I made use of carefully creased subdivs for an attractive smooth mesh without breaking the rig. The materials were inspired by vinyl toys. The environment is fully 3D, created from a lot of scan data used under creative commons by several artists/technicians on Sketchfab. Some of the textures were upscaled with Gigapixel AI, and secondary maps were derived using Allegorithmic's B2M. Comp done in Nuke and Da Vinci Resolve.